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                  A little bit about us


A little bit about us


Here at Soap Creek Kennels, located in Southeast Iowa, we take pride in caring for the new addition to your family before they are ready to go to their new home. Our puppies are birthed in a warm, safe environment and get plenty of peaceful time with mom before we introduce them to the other dogs. They get lots of baths, and photoshoot day is a favorite as they get to show off their beautiful coats and precious little smiles. When they are ready, we introduce high-quality nutritious dog kibble into their diet to help them grow into healthy adult pups.

We also begin potty training and kennel training them, which will ease the transition of moving to a new home. ENS training is also a big part of their puppy days because it has so many benefits for their health. According to, pups who have been given ENS training will be less susceptible to heart disease as well as respond better to stress. Every dog gets a routine wellness check from the vet before they go to their forever home as well. Not only do we go above and beyond to make sure our puppies are healthy, but we also make sure they learn to have fun before they head home to you. They are exposed to people of all ages, including kids, to round out their social skills. They also have plenty of time playing outdoors. On a sunny midwest day, you can even find us down at the local lake getting in some swim time. We know that you love the new addition to your family, but it's important to us that you know we here at Soap Creek Kennels love them too. We are licensed with the IDALS and also USDA licensed, which means we are surprise inspected at minimum yearly. We are also inspected by a licensed vet annually. We raise AKC/ASCA registered Australian Shepherds, with the occasional doodle litter. Our dogs are all carefully selected based on temperament and health to ensure we are raising the best new family members for our Soap Creek families. Each of our adult dogs are genetically health tested. In doing genetic health testing we can ensure that our dogs and puppies are as healthy as can be. 



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